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These general terms and conditions apply to all official current Funfest promotions and competitions.

Official Funfest promotion and competition

A promotion and or competition as defined in the section “Current promotion” of the Funfest Promotion competition terms and conditions page of


The promotion and competition “organizer”

Eligible contestant

Funfest shall at its sole discretion confirm and validate any person as an "eligible contestant."

The eligible contestant shall meet all the promotion and competition terms of entry.

Conditions of competition entry [terms of entry]

The terms and conditions of entry of the currrent promotion are defined for the current promotion in the “current promotion” section of the Funfest promotion competition terms and conditions page of

To be eligible for the competition and promotion all eligible contestants give without reservation permission to Funfest to produce, copy, use and distribute any photo and or video and or promotional material and or media release and or image or moving image and or graphic of the eligible contestant for the purposes of promotion and marketing by Funfest at any time and for any media and without cost to Funfest and any compensation to the eligible contestant.

To be eligible for the competition and promotion the eligible contestant shall accept without reservation and legal contest that Funfest shall ,may and will at the sole discretion of Funfest disqualify and or deem the eligible contestant 'ineligible' at any time and without notice.

Eligible contestants under the age of 16 years must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian to enter the competition and or promotion.

To be eligible for the competition and promotion the eligible contestant shall give permission to Funfest to identify the eligible contestant in the public domain if the eligible contestant becomes the prize winner.


Funfest intends to deliver the prize/s as it is promoted to eligible contestants however Funfest reserves the right to alter and or change and or replace the prize or prizes in the event of and including but not limited to; acts of god, lost prize/s, stolen prize/s, change of supply or prize/s by the manufacturer and reasons beyond the reasonable control of Funfest and prize/s manufacturer.

The prize will not be redrawn in the event the prize is not accepted by and or delivered to and or picked up by or received by the prize winner for any reason whatsoever.

The details of the prize are defined in the "current promotion section of the Funfest promotion competition terms and conditions page of

Prize winner

Funfest shall at its sole discretion select a prize winner.

Funfest may at its sole discretion request specific validation of the identity of the official prize winner to ensure the prize is delivered to and or picked up by the authorized official prize winner. Funfest will publicly name the prize winner.

Prize delivery

Funfest shall communicate how the prize will be delivered to and or picked up by the prize winner.

'Other' promotion

The organizer may enter into arrangements with other person/s and or “other organizations “to supply prizes for the other organization promotions or competitions. Funfest is not responsible for the delivery, management or promotion of the "other organization" promotion/s and or competition/s and is not liable for any aspect of the "other organization" promotion and or competition activity. Examples of other promotions include but are not limited to “Radio” and or “Television” and or “social media” promotions and activity. Funfest shall at is sole discretion review any such support for any such promotion and or competition activity at any time.

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Promotion status updated 6/10/2019 : There are no active promotions 


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